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We really mean it.

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Quality Products

All of our products are prepared in small batches, in Quebec, by craftsmen who work in facilities that comply with Canadian health regulations. Our products are identified with lot numbers so that they can easily be traced.

Scent options

Our Original fragrance is sourced from bergamot, bitter orange, cypress, and patchouli essential oils. It features a masculine, yet refined scent: a unique blend of travel souvenirs from the Orient, citrus trees, a stroll through coniferous spruce tree forest, and incense.

Our Scent-free products are ideal for those with very sensitive skin, or for those who aren’t looking to replace their signature scent, whatever it may be.

Generous sizes

Like the vast natural landscapes that surround us here in Canada, our sizes are just are plentiful! Be sure to pay close attention to the quantities offered when comparing our pricing to other brands.

Our product bottles and containers are made of polyethylene terephthalate, a natural plastic that contains no phthalate. Moreover, the opaque packaging improves product preservation, and the plastic we use is 100% recyclable.

Product R&D

There’s nothing more motivating than developing a new product in response to masculine needs. Grooming, shaving, and skincare product professionals research and analyze natural and vegan ingredients to create the best skincare formulas. We blend the most distinct scents on the market and commit to introducing new and innovative Rituels products each year to enhance our offering and maintain our brand’s signature differentiation.

Effective Branding

We’re different, and we know it. In fact, our uniquely bold brand identity is what sets us apart from the rest. Whether it’s our quirky tone, eye-catching images, styled packaging, or even our staple signature, we keep it consistent, from end to end. Brand awareness and community building are at the heart of our Rituels operations. You can always count on us to support our stockists every step of the way.

Right Margins

There’s no getting around it… When you’re running a business, your margins have to be right and simple.

  • Consumables : 50%
  • Hard goods : 40%

Combined with spontaneous promotions, retailers often earn an additional 5% on their margins.

Once you’re logged into your Rituels account as an authorized stockist, you’ll have access to the right details. The prices displayed in the product page, the shopping cart, as well as during the checkout process, reflect the wholesale prices you can benefit from as a member of the Rituels family.

More Service

We’re dedicated and we care. We understand the market more than anyone and know what industry challenges you face on the daily. As a matter of fact, we face the same reality as you at our Flagship location in Quebec. So, we (actually) get it. That’s why we believe in supporting retailers and helping them succeed by:

  • Pairing stockists with a direct account manager.
  • Setting stockists up with a dedicated B2B e-commerce platform.
  • Offering diversified payment methods and terms: credit cards, Interac, e-Transfer, Net30 terms.
  • Offering insurance on all shipment
  • Shipping back-order items for free as soon as they are back in stock.
  • Providing stockists with ready-to-go product content and sales material.
  • Publishing product reviews.

Free shipping

Free shipping is like Happy Hour for retailers. Order as you please, and we’ll manage the product deliveries.

Whether it’s your first, second, or tenth order, there’s always a way to get around the shipping fees. It’s our way of thanking you for your commitment.

First order

Minimum order value
Discount code







Use the code at checkout to apply the discount. Cannot be combined with another discount code.

Other orders

Minimum order value





Free shipping will be applied automatically at checkout as your order value reaches the required minimum purchase amount, based on your country.

International orders

At this point in time, free shipping is not available for International orders. Please know that we’re working to find a way around this, so hang in there!

You prefer to go with your own carrier?

We can ship using your carrier account information. Please advise us before ordering so we can provide the specifics.


Free testers

First order, free testers.
If you’re ordering for the first time and comply with the following conditions, your testers will be free of charge.


  • Minimum order value of $500 (consumables only)
  • Minimum quantities respected
  • Only valid on first order

Thus on first order, don't bother adding any testers to your order, we will add them before shipping and you’ll receive an updated invoice with free testers indicated.

Testers are also available for purchase at 50% off the wholesale price. One tester may be purchased for every 24 products purchased. Testers may not be purchased as discounted products. A maximum of 1 tester per order is permitted. If, for any reason, you need more testers, please contact us directly with your request.

Share to Earn

What’s good for you is good for us. When stockists go the extra mile to promote Rituels, we take notice and acknowledge their efforts. We’re so thankful to have amazing stockists that we even reward them! At Rituels, no good deed goes unnoticed.

How it works :

  • Promote Rituels on Facebook and/or Instagram
  • Reach 125 likes to earn a $40 Rituels gift card
  • Provide us with the link to your social media post when you’re ready to receive your gift card
  • Complete your next order and apply your gift card balance to cover part of your purchase fees

Please note that to be eligible, you must comply with the following criteria:

  • Rituels must be the only brand mentioned in the social media post
  • Tag the Rituels Facebook or Instagram account in the post
  • The social media post may only be submitted to Rituels once